AFL 9s

AFL 9s is the AFL's newest game. It's a fast, free-flowing game that involves nine players on each team playing on a smaller field. Best of all, it's mixed 'touch football' with no tackling or bumping, making it suitable for people of any age or skill level.

"The Game for Everyone" emphasises inclusive competition that is accessible to individuals of all abilities. AFL 9s has strong parallels with the traditional game, but is easier to play and provides an environment whereby participation, fun and friends are the priority.

How to Get Involved

Get a centre up and running in your town today!

The WAFC is providing the opportunity for you to set up a centre in your local town. It is a great social activity to bring the town together and can bring extra revenue to the person or organisation running the program. All you need is a footy oval and some equipment! To start up your own centre contact Josh Bowler at

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