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The coach has significantly more influence upon players than any other official person connected with football.

It is critical that they are professionally educated in the best techniques and instilled with correct principles.

All persons placed in charge of junior, youth and senior footballers must have successfully completed an age appropriate AFL approved coach’s course, or be working towards completing the course by June 30 of the current season. If not, they are not permitted to coach in Western Australia.

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Coach Accreditation


The Level One course is designed to give coaches at club level a basic understanding of coaching methods.

•      A large part of the course is concerned with skill teaching, practical drills and the role of the coach.

•      The following courses are conducted each year:

o  NAB AFL Auskick (Years PP-2)

o  Junior (Year 3-6)

o  Youth (Year 7-12)

o  Seniors (18+)

Competency Based Assessments:

At the conclusion of this course, the coach will be able to plan, prepare and conduct a training session in a safe and appropriate environment.

Coaches of female footballers and female coaches can now access Level 1 courses which provide three modules specifically addressing female characteristics and considerations unique to developing skills in female footballers.

NAB AFL Auskick and NAB AFL Junior Coaches can complete the online component of the course at

Should you require any information regarding this course contact your Regional Manager.


This course is designed to give the committed coach a broad background in the sports sciences and a higher level of knowledge in football coaching.

•      The course will introduce the coach to the latest trends and developments in coaching.

•      Youth and Senior coaches are encouraged to complete this level.

Any enquiries can be directed to the WAFC Manager Coaching Glenn Morley on 9287 5551, email


To find out more about seminars on offer, please contact your Regional Manager.


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