The WAFC are currently conducting a state-wide facilities audit which will capture detailed information and specifications relating to each of the approximately 400 football ovals and facilities throughout WA. 

The information captured in the audit will play a vital role in establishing the focus and priorities for the WAFC Strategic Facilities plan, a component of the broader WAFC Strategic Plan.

The WAFC will work with all country clubs to ensure every facility throughout WA is included in the audit.

There are a number of funding opportunities for football clubs to access for the planning and development of facilities to meet the changing needs of players, officials and volunteers.


Community Facilities Fund (CFF)

The WAFC Community Facilities Fund (CFF) aims to supplement efforts at a strategic level to ensure football has access to quality facilities to support the future growth of the game. It is the intention of the WAFC that the CFF acts as ‘seed’ funding to attract additional funds to football facilities.

Program Priority

The WAFC Community Facilities Fund is available to all WAFL clubs, District and Regional Football Development Councils, and incorporated junior and senior community football clubs. Funding priority will be given to:

·        projects that are of strategic value to football and align with identified WAFC Strategic Facility objectives; and

·        projects that maximise additional funds attracted to football through either Local, State or Federal Government funding sources.

Examples of Successful Projects

·        Funding assistance to develop relevant supporting documentation for submission to the Department of Sport and Recreation’s Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF) program;

·        Contribution to the development of a Master Plan for local, district or regional open space including associated facilities;

·        Contribution to the development of a lighting plan and the installation of sports lighting to the relevant Australian Standard; and

·        Contribution to the refurbishment and/or redevelopment of club facilities.

AFL Goal Post Grant

The AFL Goal Post Grant is managed by the WAFC on behalf of the AFL, and is available to primary and secondary schools with an AFL Ambassador, for the installation of permanent goal posts on school ovals.

Funding is offered on an annual basis and applications are called for during Term 1 of each school year.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the WAFC.

AFL Facility Development Reserve

The AFL has developed the Facility Development Reserve to assist in securing government funding to develop and/or upgrade facilities.  The WAFC is eligible to apply for funds from the AFL on behalf of affiliated football clubs and leagues, to undertake facility development works.

The process for making an application, and the evaluation criteria are all aligned with AFL and State participation objectives. This is to ensure each proposal satisfies the submission requirements of all partners such as the AFL, Government and other strategic partners/funding bodies.

The objectives of the AFL Community Facilities Funding are as follows:

·        To ensure a strong community base for Australian football at all levels and in all areas of Australia.

·        To assist the WAFC in securing financial commitments from Federal, State and Local Government, local business, club foundations, and/or other strategic partners to contribute towards funding the upgrade of club training, administrative, match day and other football facilities as well as providing a broader community benefit.

Eligible projects include those of the following nature/purpose for AFL community football clubs:

·        Development of new AFL Ovals and amenities.

·        Playing surface upgrades and extensions.

·        Community football facility development/redevelopment.

·        Lighting upgrades or developments/improvements.

·        Programs that address the issue of protecting against the impact of Drought.

·        Player and Umpire amenities

·        Multi-Use facilities which result in a strong support to football.

Ineligible projects include those of the following nature/purpose:

·        Projects that require ongoing funding assistance.

·        Requests for ongoing assistance with operational costs.

·        Routine or cyclical maintenance works.

·        Retrospective funding.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their proposals with both the WAFC Manager Facilities Services and the relevant Local Government Authority prior to preparing the submission.


Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF)

The purpose of the CSRFF program is to provide Western Australian Government financial assistance to community groups and local government authorities to develop basic infrastructure for sport and recreation.

The program aims to increase participation in sport and recreation, with an emphasis on physical activity, through rational development of sustainable, good quality, well-designed and well-utilised facilities.

Further information can be found by visiting the Department of Sport and Recreation website.


Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) – Sport Incentive Program

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) can assist Australian non-profit, incorporated and other eligible organisations such as the following with sport related projects:

·        sporting clubs

·        sporting organisations (regional, state and national)

·        schools

·        councils and

·        community groups

The ASF can also offer a unique tax advantage to individuals, businesses and philanthropic donors that contribute to approved, registered projects.

For further information, please visit the ASF website.

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