Check on a Mate BBQ Expansion Fri, April 23, 2021 - 8:07 AM


The WACFL, in partnership with Healthway and the Think Mental Health campaign, are excited to be extending their ‘Check on a Mate’ BBQs to all 150 of the WACFL’s Senior football clubs in regional Western Australia.

The WACFL’s partnership with the Think Mental Health focuses on promoting the campaigns key messages of Talking, Listening and that Mental Health can affect anybody.

The Check on a Mate BBQ’s previously saw one club in each of the 25 senior country leagues host a BBQ as part of ‘Think Mental Health’ Round annually. In 2021 the concept has been expanded and will provide each senior club an opportunity to host a ‘Check on a Mate’ BBQ at some point, whether it be after training, post-game or a separate club function altogether.

Healthway's Director Health Promotion, Julia Knapton said the campaign was a fantastic way for regional football clubs to extend vital social connections. "Football clubs have a model environment to harness positive relationships through teammates and linking with others who share similar interests," Ms Knapton said.

"The chance for football clubs to add another layer to check on a mate, in an informal setting like this, is another avenue for those seeking help to reach out."

WAFC Executive Manager Country Football, Facilities and Affiliates Tom Bottrell is excited that the BBQ concept has been able to be expanded across all senior country clubs. “Our clubs, like all sporting clubs, play such an important role in the health and wellbeing of regional communities.”

“Not only are they the social hub of our communities during the winter months but are a great vehicle to engage the broader regional population in important physical and mental health discussions.”

“The BBQ’s will bring together our clubs and their communities, put winning and losing on the back burner for an evening and focus on checking in with each other.”

Every club will receive a Think Mental Health BBQ kit with promotional material, football guernsey, polo shirt and giveaways that will continue to spread the important messages of the Think Mental Health campaign within our communities.

In 2021 the WACFL is expanding the delivery of Mental Health training and education opportunities available to senior football clubs.

“The BBQ’s, training opportunities for clubs and our annual Think Mental Health round, which will be held on the 23rd & 24th of July this year, demonstrates football’s commitment to supporting the mental wellbeing of our regional communities. We are incredibly grateful to Healthway for our ongoing partnership which allows us to do this.’

PHOTO R-L: Daniel Murphy (Bencubbin Player), Brendon Simposn (WACFL Executive), Brianne James (Healthway), Tom Bottrell (WAFC Executive CFF&A), John Shadbolt (WACFL President), Hannah Samsa (Mental Health Commission), Zoe Bell (Country Football & Event Co-ordinator).

For further information please contact the WACFL Office on 9287 5523.

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