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Think Mental Health Round – Campaign Information

About the Campaign

The Suicide Prevention Public Education Program’s Think Mental Health Campaign is a key initiative of the State-wide suicide prevention strategy, Suicide Prevention 2020: Together we can save lives (the Strategy), under Action Area One - Greater public awareness and united action across the community.

The Think Mental Health education campaign is part of a comprehensive approach in Western Australia that aims to build mental health and wellbeing and reduce mental health issues with view to reducing Western Australia’s suicide rate. It supports other initiatives to prevent and reduce suicide in Western Australia.

The Think Mental Health education campaign’s focus is on assisting the Western Australian community to connect with the best information, support and services for their particular situation, without duplicating the good work already being done.

The Think Mental Health website is one of a number of campaign strategies being delivered. Its primary focus is to provide information on how to maintain mental health and wellbeing, provide information on what you can do when things aren’t going so well and where to get help when it is needed.

The first phase of the Think Mental Health Campaign aims to raise awareness of the fact that mental health issues can affect anyone and encourages men, family and friends to check-in on a mate or someone close to them if they're not going so well.

The campaign will contribute to:

  • Promoting mental health and wellbeing;
  • De-stigmatising mental health issues;
  • Assisting the Western Australian community to navigate the range of mental health activities and services available; and
  • Building resilience and improving the mental health and wellbeing of the Western Australian Community.

Target group:

Phase one of the campaign targets men aged 25 to 54-years living in Western Australia and family and friends of men aged 25 to 54-years living in Western Australia.

Key campaign messages:

  • Check in on a mate, or someone you care about if they're not going so well;
  • Talking and listening are powerful; and
  • Mental health issues can affect anyone. It may be difficult at first but talking can help.

Key campaign stats;

  • From the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2017:
    • In Western Australia, one person dies every day by suicide. In 2017, suicide accounted for 409 deaths in Western Australia.
    • The number of reported suicide deaths in Western Australia (409) is over two and a half times the number of fatalities on Western Australian roads (161), for the same year.
    • Deaths from suicide among males occur at a rate more than three times that of females
  • A recent survey conducted in Western Australia found that 87% of those surveyed believe that achieving and maintaining their mental health and wellbeing is important.
  • A recent survey found that the vast majority (91%) of West Australians engage in behaviours that can protect and build their mental health at least some of the time, and two in five people (39%) undertake protective behaviours daily or almost daily.
  • A recent survey conducted in Western Australia found that four in five people (81%) believe stigma is commonplace for those people with a mental health condition. Stigma can be a barrier to people seeking the help they need.
  • If you or someone you know is in a life threatening situation, or is at risk of harm to themselves or others call 000. Or for a list of other support services visit the Think Mental Health website.


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