Leagues whose season is up and running by 25 April are encouraged to participate in this voluntary round.

The spirit of the Anzacs is something very close to the hearts of country Western Australians and I’m sure we all know of friends and even family members who have served their country at war with some making the ultimate sacrifice.

For leagues that wish to participate in activities around Anzac Day, they should be aware that there are legislative restrictions around the use of the word Anzac and activities that can and cannot take place on that day.

Please note the ANZAC DAY ACT 1960 states that 60% of the net proceeds (within one month) derived from the holding of those sports matches on 25 April (or for some leagues, 26 April) must be directed to the Anzac Day Trust, which will use the funds to benefit the ex-service community.

If any sports are held on Anzac Day in any year in contravention of this section, the person, club, association or body by or on behalf of whom or which those sports were so held, and each member of the managing body or committee of that club, association or body, commits an offence and is liable to a penalty not exceeding $400.

No race, match, game, exercise, pastime, contest or other event at any sports held on Anzac Day shall commence before the hour of 1pm.

*Please note there are restrictions around the use of the Anzac name and logos.

WACFL Expectations

  • Provide guidance and support around restrictions and legislation.
  • State-wide promotion.
  • Negotiate use of Anzac name and logos.
  • Provide participating Leagues with match balls for League games.

League Expectations

  • Naming rights of the round (i.e. Anzac Round) including promotion through local media channels.
  • Budget promotion where possible (content provided by the WACFL prior to the event).
  • Delivery of footballs to home clubs.

Club Expectations

  • Pre-Game Memorial (incorporate veterans, or families of, if possible).
  • Players should line up for one minute silence before game.
  • Reading the ‘Ode of Remembrance’ ….they shall grow not old…. to the players and spectators over a PA system or megaphone with players, coaches and umpires lined up.
  • Play ‘Last Post’ if possible. This can be downloaded electronically at
  • Players to wear arm bands.
  • “Anzac Medal” Match Ball to be presented to the best player as voted by the umpires. 

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