Talk to a Mate Round - WACFL

Talk to a Mate Men’s Wellbeing Round

The Men’s Regional Health Initiative is helping spread messages around health and wellbeing which is relevant to us all. This is a continuation of the work the WACFL and our leagues have done over the past two years with One Life and the mental health and suicide prevention strategy.

The Men’s Regional Health Initiative derives funding from Royalties for Regions and has also received funding from a group of footballers from the Lower South West Football League who carry out a Mates 500 Relay generating funds for Men’s Health issues. This is a great example of what can be done by country communities and our members.

All WACFL leagues will be required to participate in the round.

WACFL Expectations

  • Provide each Club with information satchels in March/April.
  • Provide cobranded football to be used for each League level game.
  • Provide advertising and public announcement information prior to the event.
  • Create state wide media awareness.
  • Provide each league with funding to support their contributions.

League Expectations

  • Naming rights of the round (i.e. Talk to Your Mate Men’s Wellbeing Round).
  • Budget advertising where possible (copy provided by the WACFL prior to the event).
  • Distribution of football to home clubs.

Club Expectations

  • Public announcements where possible (scripts to be provided by WACFL prior to the event).
  • Read out message to players in the change rooms after each game.
  • Present football to Best on Ground player.

Please endeavour to use the following logos where appropriate:  



Should your league (or clubs within your league) wish to do more for your community regarding regional Men’s Health issues, you are encouraged to contact The Men’s Regional Health Initiative who can look at providing a function/guest speaker to help the community with education sessions around men’s health issues. 

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