Club President

An effective Club President needs to be:
• Well informed on club activities: for example, know about the club's current financial position, each of the programs run by the club, who is in charge of them and the number of teams within the club.
• Aware of the future directions and plans of the club: for example, to build new amenities.
• Have a good working knowledge: familiarity with the constitution, club rules and duties of office bearers and committees.
• Manage committees and/or executive meetings: ensure that all matters are discussed and the best decisions made.
• Chair the club's annual general meeting: see that the agenda is followed, all business is completed, awards or presentations made and speakers welcomed.
• Represent the club at local and regional levels: for example, a League meeting
• A supportive leader for all club members: listen to other people's suggestions (not just the committee members) and act on them.
• A facilitator for club activities: encourage and motivate members to ensure that planned activities go ahead.
• Prepared to ensure planning and budgeting occurs: planning and budgeting for the future should be carried out in accordance with the wishes of the club members.

A good Club President should be able to:
• Lead without controlling

• Represent the Club

• Stimulate balanced discussion/ keep meetings on track

• Delegate 

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