Club Registrar

As Registrar of a Club it is importnt to know your role's objectives and responsibilities. Below is a list to help you get started.

• To ensure that the Club has an accurate database of its players and volunteers

• To ensure match day paperwork is satisfactorily completed to comply with the League's standards

• To manage all Transfers and Clearances for the Club

• Keep abreast of changes to the Footyweb Registration system.

• To ensure any online payments are recorded and player registration fees are processed inline with the Club's policies

• The Registrar must have a solid understanding of Registration, Transfer and Permit rules as they relate to that competition.  For Senior Football these can be fought in the WACFL Country Club manual and may also include League specific bylaws.


• The Registrar is accountable to the President and the General Committee.
• The Registrar shall provide reporting to the Committee between the beginning of the registration period (usually Feb 1) up until the June 30 cut off regarding the registrations of the Club.

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