The Country Football Coach is as critical to the health of a football club as a good President.  Whilst the Presidents role is to manage the Club, the Coaches role is to manage the Players and they will often be the figure head of the Club.

It is therefor a critical appointment for any club that they get right as a poor club can not only spoil your onfield chances but have a disastourous effect on the club as a whole. 


  • Run all training sessions of the team
  • Coach the team on match days
  • Develope and support up and coming players to further themselves
  • Develope a Strong Club Culture
  • Manage the playing list
  • Control the Game Day Environment
  • Ensure the Paid Player Bylaws are being adheared to
  • Ensure matches are played within the spirit of the game and in as safe as possible an environment 
  • Provide sound advice to Players regarding on and off field issues
  • Promote an inclusive club that shows respect.and embrasses and supports volunteers
  • Be a solid Rolemodel.


  • Any WACFL Coach must have the appropriate Coaching Accreditation (Level 1 minimum) and should be aspiring to Level 2 Accreditation and further ongoing development opportunities. 


  • The Coach is accountable to the President and the General Committee.
  • The Coach may have their Accreditation status reviewed by the WAFC for indisgretions- effectively disallowing them from coaching in severe cases.
  • The Coach shall provide reporting to the Committee between the beginning of the registration period (usually Feb 1) up until the end of the Football season.

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