Team Manager - WACFL

As your team's Team Manager it is important that you know all that is required of you pre, during and post match. Below is a list to help you get started.

• Provide administrative support to the coach and any football staff.
• Arrange the required support staff for games to take place.
• Support the coaching staff to make sure the required administrative and support arrangements are in place so that coaches and players can concentrate on the game.

Match Day
• Organise playing uniforms and ensure that the players' jumper numbers match the team sheet handed to interchange stewards.
• Ensure that the correct team sheet has been submitted on SportingPulse.
• At the conclusion of each match enter goal kickers, best players and full time scores into SportingPulse.
• Ensure that the match ball is the correct ball to be used on that day (eg Belt up. football to be used during Belt up. round).
• Ensure that your Club only has registered team officials around the bench.
• Notify the Registrar with any issues relating to insurance as soon as possible.
• Confirm with the team trainers that they have all they need and the stretcher is on stand by.
• Confirm that the timekeepers have the appropriate equipment with them.
• Ensure that the umpire and away changerooms are unlocked and are in a clean state.
• Ensure no players are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
• Distribute the player vote cards to the necessary people and make sure that they are collected post-match and kept safe.
• Ensure that all player property is kept safe during the match.
• Team managers are responsible for the organisation of transport of gear to away matches.
• Check with umpires within 10 minutes of finish of game that there were no reports (“all Clear”).
• If there is a report collect report and return to Secretary and advise any player involved that he will be required to attend the tribunal.

• The Team Manager is accountable to the Secretary and the Coach of that team which he manages.

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