Governance is considered by most to be a boring subject, but it is a critical element to get right to have well run Leagues and Clubs.

Essentially, Governance will decide who has the authority to run the entity or make decisions about its future.

The WACFL was set up with the objects to Promote, Develop, Manage and Represent Country Football.  Senior Country Leagues are affiliated members of the WACFL with voting rights.  Leagues must abide by the WACFL constitution, Bylaws and Affiliation Agreements.  WACFL also has numerous policies to support the running of competitions.

All WACFL Leagues and Clubs must be an Incorporated entity. This is done through DOCEP.

WACFL strongly recommends each League gets set up with a Board of Directors management committee rather than a Delegates model.  This is due to the fact that country football needs to embrace a strategic mindset to problem solve and move the game forward.

Every League should have an up to date Constitution and Bylaws document which acts as the rules for the entity and competition.

The League has the authority to police and penalise member clubs or Club members for misdemeanours involving its rules or offences deemed to bring the game into disrepute.

The League should meet regularly, with the Board and Delegates from member clubs to discuss topical information.  Standard meeting processes such as Agendas, Minutes, Correspondence, General Business and Financial Reporting should take place to ensure professionalism.  It is the President of the Leagues role to chair the meeting and ensure correct processes are followed.

Each Club should also have its own rules and should utilise Codes of Conduct to ensure members are aware of their responsibilities to the club with regards to behaviours.  It is critical the important information is discussed at a club level so that delegates may represent the clubs combined opinion at League meetings.

Establishing a vibrant functioning committee is critically important to every LEague and Club and some committees have benefited from delegating portfolios to members to ensure everyone has a job and that conversations don't just go around in circles. Within this website there are suggestion on various portfolios and potential guidelines for committee persons to help any new comers to the world of Governance. 

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