Volunteers Program - WACFL

2015 WACFL Volunteer Program

Volunteers are critical to the survival of country football as they are the ones who govern, coordinate and facilitate matches each weekend.

It is important that leagues and clubs have a good spread of volunteers as this ensures volunteers:-

Feel part of a team
Don’t burn out
Have adequate support
Don’t get overburdened

For a senior club to function well, they will need at least 10 good volunteers to carry out the jobs required, which include:-

Team Manager
Trainer/Water Carrier
Gate Keeper/Ground Manager

To help support and recognise volunteers in 2015, WACFL has the following initiatives in place which we encourage all clubs to utilise and participate in where possible:-

League Administrator Professional Development Day (February)
League Visits (ongoing)
Club in Need Visits (ongoing)
Country Club Manual
WACFL Website

WACFL also offers and supports the following Volunteer Recognition Programs and encourages our stakeholders to recommend volunteers from their region for recognition opportunities:-

Volunteer Recognition Round – to celebrate volunteers and the crucial role they play in football, WACFL has a dedicated round celebrating and acknowledging them.
Sunday Times Volunteer of the Year – each year the WAFC selects a volunteer from around the state to go to the AFL Grand Final.  Last year this prize was won by Deb Thoars from the Pilbara.  The winner from each region is selected to attend the Sandover Medal and the WACFL supports these winners by accommodating them for the night.
WACFL WAFL Grand Final Lunch – each year we recognise a number of volunteers for their services to football.
WACFL media – our consistent media coverage gives us opportunities to recognise volunteers for their outstanding achievements and services.

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