Website Tips

Leagues Websites

Each WACFL League has access to their own website (although some leagues have been managing these better than others). 

To locate your Leagues site visit and click ‘Country Leagues’ header.  If you notice your Leagues or Clubs logos are not in place please send a copy of the logo to us asap.

As you can see there are a range of header options that can be used in your Leagues website including:-

  • Links to topical news
  • Fixtures and Results- this system communicates directly with FoxSportsPulse (FSP) so displays the competitions, fixtures and results that you have in the FSP system.  Having up to date Results will help drive traffic to the website and becomes a great way of managing your competition results.
  • Clearances- Allows you to display all clearances (transfers) for the League
  • Venues- Allows you to display locations of all venues- which is useful if someone gets lost (and has mobile reception)
  • Sponsors Info- allows Leagues to promote their sponsors and also give information on becoming a sponsor
  • Club Websites- Each WACFL Club can also set up and manage their own page
  • Contact details- provides the details of the key contact for the league
  • Trophy Room- allows a league to display premiers, best and fairest winners, life members etc.
  • Document Links- allows the league a good place to catalogue and allow access to key documents such as League constitution and bylaws and other policy.

Boxes down the right hand side of the page are called ‘Widgets’ and Leagues can choose which widgets they display.  My recommendation is to display:-

  • Major Sponsor
  • League Ladders
  • Social Media with links to the League Facebook page.
  • Zoned WAFL Club news (provided the WAFL club manages their news feed)

Each league should spend some time going through their page.  For Leagues that would like to edit their page (but don’t know how) or learn how to manage this page please contact to book in for an appointment at a convenient time.

Can our league build our own website?

Some Leagues have chosen to build their own unique site which is great.  This gives you more flexibility in what and how you can display things. Costs to be aware of if you wish to build your own site are:-

  • Domain Registration and Hosting costs
  • Website design and construction
  • Ongoing site maintenance costs.

Some good WACFL League custom build sites include and  

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