Community Portfolio

All football played in the Country falls under the ‘Community Football’ banner.

Football at its best can play a critical role in keeping regional communities together through giving young people something to aspire and belong to, getting people interacting socially and teaching social skills through being part of a team.

A Football League is therefore a critical element to the local community and through setting up a ‘Community’ portfolio within the League’s Governance, it ensures community is regularly on the agenda at League meetings.

Specific Topics that could be covered under this portfolio could include: -

  • Working with the Shire and Local Groups
  • Local events football can potentially leverage off
  • Social Issues I.e. Drinking, Suicide, Mental Health, Racism, Drugs etc.
  • Other Sports I.e. Netball, Hockey, Cricket, Motocross etc.
  • Special Causes- such as supporting a charity, volunteering
  • Leadership programs- building better people / communities

This portfolio would be best suited to someone who is actively involved with the local community and is able to work with community leaders to improve the community through football.

If the League can successfully improve their community, they will be in a much better position to attract and retain players, families, sponsors and community support. 

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