Fundraising Portfolio

There should be no poor football Leagues or Clubs in country WA.  If there are, it simply comes down to management.

All football Leagues need to raise some level of funds to support their activities which includes : -Umpires, Ground Hire, Staffing, Rep Programs and holding League events.

Key Fundraising options for Leagues include: -

  • Sponsorships
  • Gate Takings
  • Affiliation Fees
  • Other Fundraising
  • Grants

Specific tasks of the Fundraising Portfolio could include: -

  • Managing the Leagues’ current sponsorships and ensuring they are well serviced.
  • Resigning Sponsorships
  • Seeking out new sponsorship opportunities
  • Working on the Leagues funding model including grants, affiliation fees and gate takings to ensure the League is profitable.
  • Managing additional fundraising opportunities, the League has in place.
  • Investigate and apply for grants that the League may qualify for
  • Assist Clubs within the league with fundraising programs.

This portfolio would be best suited to someone who is business minded and has solid business connections in the local community.

If the League can successfully improve their Fundraising, this will give the League options on how to better run the League as well as building the sustainability of football in years to come.

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