Pathway Portfolio

The word Pathway refers to a players’ journey from junior football to higher levels as they mature.

Every Players pathway in football will be slightly different, but the aim should be to keep as many participants involved in the game for as long as possible.

For this to occur, we should be trying to give our players the best possible experience as the venture from Auskick to junior football, to school and Senior Club football and even on to the WAFL or AFL Competitions if they are talented enough.

The 2 major components a Senior League should be interested in with regards to the Pathway are the ones above and below us: -

  • Junior Competitions
  • WAFL Competitions and Programs

Tasks with regard to the junior pathway could include: -

  • Building a relationship with Junior Leagues
  • Supporting Junior Leagues where possible
  • Offering integration opportunities between Senior and Junior Leagues
  • Monitoring and reporting on the health of Junior Leagues

Tasks with regard to the WAFL pathway could include: -

  • Building a relationship with the zoned WAFL Club
  • Ensuring a Zone Service Agreement (MOU) is in place prior to the start of the season
  • Communicating WAFL activities to the League and Clubs
  • Offering integration opportunities between the League and WAFL Club
  • 2-way reporting on the take up of local players in WAFL programs

This is an important portfolio that should be trying to continually improve both the pathway into senior football and into the WAFL (talent) stream for local players.

This portfolio would be best suited to someone who has a strong football pedigree or a strong interest in improving football systems with a view of both keeping players in the game and helping them achieve the highest level possible. 

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