Rep Program

The Rep Program Portfolio is a very hands on Portfolio within a League Committee.

Leagues Rep Programs could include Colts Carnivals, Interleague matches, Landmark Carnival attendence etc.  The WACFL also has Rep Programs for the state's best country players.

The major components of this portfolio will depend on the Rep Program the League has in store.  Essentially tasks will include -

  • Building the program for the upcoming season (League and possibly Colts)
  • Working with the League's staff to assign responsibility of tasks involved.
  • Be involved in the appointment of key Rep Program personal i.e. Coach, Trainer etc.
  • Ensure the program is well communicated to Clubs, Players, Sponsors and the community.
  • Establish a budget for the program
  • Read and action information on Rep Program logistics
  • Oversee (or Manage) the logistics of the Rep Program i.e. Bus, Accommodation, Uniforms etc.
  • Report back on the success of the program
  • Investigate ways of enhancing future programs
  • Liaise with the WACFL on possible integration with their programs for the League’s players

This is a hands-on portfolio that should that would be best suited to someone who has a strong football pedigree, high energy and good management skills. 

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