Tribunal Chairmen

The Tribunal Chairmen can play a crucial role in the running of a Country Football League.  Some Leagues will have no tribunal hearings in a season while some could have upwards of 10.  As an industry we are endeveouring to ensure this number is trending down.

Well run Leagues should be trying to minimise the number of hearings through a) properly applying the rules b) having zero tolerance for poor onfield behaviour c) applying harsh penalties on repeat offenders.

An effective Tribunal Chairmen needs to be:
• Well informed on all Tribunal / Appeals processes and be able to follow process.

• Well informed as to the Laws of Australian Football

• Well aware of judicial process and natural justice

• Able to Chair a Tribunal hearing. 

• Able to feedback Tribunal Results to the League

• Unbiased towards any Club or particpant within the competition and able to make fair decisions based on the information presented

• Able to successfully lead the Tribunal Panel 

• Prepared to attend League meetings on limited notice dependant on issues as they arsie.

The WACFL has detailed Tribunal processes that will simplify and defuse the role of the Tribunal Chairmen which can be downloaded from this website.  To assist the role of the Tribunal Chairmen, WACFL staff are also available for consultation and guidance.

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